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I Am Concerned About The Use Of Ghost Radar Applications & Ouija Board Planchettes

I Am Concerned About The Use Of Ghost Radar Applications & Ouija Board Planchettes.

It has recently come to my notice that there is an application on cell phones and also ipads etc for Ghost radar Applications. Also there is a new TOY Ouija Boards Planchette Game! It has been out there for year, but now becoming a favorite with teens.

After much though and meditation on this and also experimenting with it myself in the past. I have come to these conclusions. Ouija boards are not games they are not to be messed with, if you do not know what you are doing you are opening up doorways that allow spirits to come back and forth between this world and the other. Some of these spirits are not so good.

I had a bad experience with one as a child and it scared the crap out of me. Some friends and I were in my dads garden shed, just playing around with a board we made, being the dumb kids we were at the time we did not know how to set boundaries with the spirit world and how to protect ourselves while we were playing with the board.

During the session the door to the shed blew wide open with us five kids all sitting there scared out of our wits, it blew from the inside of the shed outwards! Needless to say we all had the crap scared out of us and we all went hurtling out of there screaming our heads off. Funny now, when I look back on it, but not so funny at the time when it happened.

My dad got so mad at me when he heard about what we did. That night when he got home from work he burnt the shed to the ground, I also remember him doing some kind of ceremony work. later in my life when I was old enough to understand he said he needed to cleanse the space and shut down the doorway we opened up. Now as I am much older I now know why he did that. To protect us and to protect others and to send back what came through.

I have been working with my guide Joshua, since I was very young and have always felt safe and protected. I have learned many ways to protect myself while working with Spirit. He recently informed me that his concern is that these Ghost Radar apps apps are getting into the hands of children, teens and even adults,who may feel it is just a game. It is not! I repeat it is not a game and not to be taken lightly. At this point there are people using this app all over the world as I am writing this and everytime a person uses this application it opens up a portal to the other side.

These spirits can attach to you if you do not know what you are doing, cause mischief in your lives and possibly harm you. Joshua has told me that he is extremely worried about all the portals opening up and he also informed me that they need to be shut down. As these portals keep opening up more and more each day it is causing a shift in the balance of our planet, some negative things are now coming in and settling into our domain so to speak and this is not good.

Our goal is to help the planet, keep it clear and healthy, but when portals are open and “Things” is what I will call them start coming in that is not so good. There are no instructions saying how this app should be used wisely and how to protect yourself while doing so. So that no harm may come to you!

Why is this I ask? Also people say oh well it does not really work, well yes it does, I have tried it, I have communicated with clients in a safe environment and then been able to disconnect safely from the app and shut down the opening that I created in order to communicate. I did this as a test just to try it. Is it something I will do all the time, no because I dont need it I have my own way of doing it.

So for those app people who are out there selling this application and who made it. You may want call me so that I can educate you in the do’s and don’t for communicating with the other side and opening up portals all over the planet. You may just very well be helping towards bringing some things through that should not even be allowed on this earth plane.

For my clients out there who are responsible people I will help any of you with this if you already have some unfortunate things going on since you started using this app.

With Love & Light Rosemary The Celtic Lady

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